Nigerian Dwarf Goats

ADGA & AGS Registered

Whole Herd Tested Negative for CAE and Johnes 2013

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2014 Kidding Schedule


Kids Corral FIN Camille  DOB: 04/07/10
Sire:  Lost Valley Jum Finnigan
Dam:  Kids Corral LB Carmello Blu

Camille 9-13

Lil’ Hill Farm Evangeline  DOB: 02/27/12
Sire:  Bayou Country Soc Silverbullet
Dam:  Lil’ Hill Farm PC Abrianne
Evangeline 9-13

Creekbend Meadows ADM Darcy     DOB:  11/05/12
Sire:  SGM FR Tachauna’s Admiral    
Dam:  KACO Yellow Rose Stripe
Darcy 9-14-13



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  1. Kim Edmunds says:

    Having another thought….FussBudget Feta!

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