Nigerian Dwarf Milk/Grooming Stand

FREE is good. This stand was built in an afternoon with salvaged materials and fasteners left over from other projects. We will only have to purchase the bolt and hook & eye for the head piece.


We have been crazy busy putting on the finishing touches getting ready for the girls’ arrival later this week.  I’ll come back and edit this post with more pictures, dimensions and instructions on the above stand as soon as things settle out a bit.

Goat Jungle-Gym. Always make a little time for FUN.


2 comments on “Nigerian Dwarf Milk/Grooming Stand

  1. Nice – I assume for smaller goats. Here are some pics of the wooden grooming stand we made for our Boers. It’s collapsible to bring to fairs.

    • FussBudget says:

      Yes, Nigerian Dwarfs.
      I’ll be getting my first 3 later this week. We are waiting to work out the head gear until the girls get here, so we get the heights right. Your stand is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing. ~Christie

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