Leftover Leg Of Lamb Stew Recipe

Leftover Leg Of Lamb Stew

One Qt Home Canned Tomatoes

3 Carrots washed and sliced at about 1/2″ rounds

(We dont use alot of salt at our house and the canned tomatoes have a teaspoon in them, so at this point I do not add salt)

Stew over Medium Low Heat until tomatoes reduce and carrots are soft,  add fresh sage and thyme if you have them (dry spices if you don’t)

Turn down to simmer

Remember that delicious leg of lamb your family has eaten on a couple times already?


While tomatoes and carrots are simmering chop up left over lamb, onion and potatoes

Add to tomatoes and carrots  (I also had some black-eyed peas, left over from dinner the other night….they shouldn’t hurt a stew…Right?  I am so sure they won’t that I threw them in there TOO)

Meanwhile mix up cornbread batter just like MeMaw makes.

***Link to come soon***


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